Consort World

October 2023 Newsletter

Consort World takes center stage at one of the world’s largest events for people of determination!
تحتل كونسورت ورلد مركز الصدارة في واحدة من أكبر األحداث في العالم ألصحاب الهمم

July & August 2023 Newsletter

Meet the AT Team behind Consort World
تعرف على فريق التكنولوجيا المساعدة وراء كونسورت ورلد

June 2023 Newsletter

Power of AT: 
Consort World with Community Development Authority in Dubai! 
قوة التكنولوجيا المساعدة: “كونسورت وورلد” مع هيئة تنمية  المجتمع في دبي

May 2023 Newsletter

Empowered by Consort Kuwait: We had a Spectacular Series of Assistive Technology Workshops in Special Needs Schools in Kuwait!  
Al Sayer Group Opens Doors to Collaboration as part of their CSR program.
تمكين القدرات: أكملنا سلسلة من ورش عمل التكنولوجيا المساعدة في مدارس ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة في الكويت .. مجموعة الساير تفتح أبواب التعاون كجزء من برامجها للمسؤولية المجتمعية للشركات

April 2023 Newsletter

When passion meets purpose, extraordinary things happen! 
We are thrilled to be recognized as a TD brand champion by Tobii Dynavox, a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and services to individuals with communication and accessibility needs. This award inspires us to continue our mission to change people’s lives.
عندما يلتقي الشغف بالهدف ، تحدث أشياء غير اعتيادية! يسعدنا أن يتم الإعلان عن مؤسستنا كبطل للعلامة التجارية توبي دينافوكس وهو دليل على التزامنا الثابت بتقديم حلول وخدمات استثنائية للاتصال وإمكانية الوصول للأشخاص ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة . هذه الجائزة تلهمنا لمواصلة تغيير حياة الناس

March 2023 Newsletter

Consort Arabia participated in Saudi Rehab Expo 2023, one of the biggest events in Saudi Arabia. It presents an excellent opportunity to increase the knowledge of people with disabilities and the community around them. 

Spreading Social Awareness about the power of inclusion for people with disability is our main goal. Consort Arabia brings us a step closer to accomplishing this goal. We are now on the ground in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia closer to our clients and partners.

February 2023 Newsletter

On behalf of Consort World family, we are proud to be invited to ICTE2023 event. We hope this will bring us closer to our goal of changing the lives of people of determination.

ICTE 2023 – International Conference on Twice Exception

Mr. Camille Matta spoke about “The Unknown Heroes” he emphasized how an assistive technology can give power to the talented people with disability and turn them to be a HERO. Despite of their condition, they still continue to inspire others by demonstrating excellence through hardship and spreading awareness.

January 2023 Newsletter

We are a team working to help people of determination live more meaningful lives.” – Camille Matta
Dubai Center for Special Needs

Last January 20, we had a very successful workshop with the therapist from Dubai Center for Special Needs. We started by discussing what is assistive technology up to trying our devices.