Consort World

Workshops and In-house Training:

We organize workshops on Assistive Technology devices to maximise the independence of people with special needs. The training is built with hi-tech and low-tech devices and includes:

  • Eye Trackers and Assessment
  • Communication for Autism and SEN
  • Switches and Wheelchair Mounting
  • Classroom Tools
  • Interactive Music Therapy
  • Immersive Experience for Sensory Room
  • Environmental Control Devices
  • Computer Access

Assessments and Training:

Our experts organize one-on-one assessments to understand your needs at home, work or school. We will arrange to meet you at your preferred location or at our office to serve you better.

We offer:

  • Recommendations for the use of Assistive Technology
  • Training and customisation
  • Centre / School or home visit for equipment placement
  • Opportunity to test different solutions


Ramadan Grid Set

Here is a Symbol Talker grid set to use during the holy month of Ramadan. It includes all one needs to communicate their needs and desires during this holiday.