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This programmable visual timer allows the user to better understand the organisation of time. It includes the visual timer with the option to mount on the wall or place on the table, plastic inserts for sequences and reproducible sequence templates. Benefits include:

Reduction of anxiety
Encouraging attention to tasks
Reduction of frustration
Supporting autonomy
Motivating interaction and individual participation
Encouraging group participation
Helps a user to stay focused and calm
Reduces disorientation

AED 1,323.00

Resetea has been designed for individuals who have difficulty conceptualising or managing time, or who benefit from visual cues and assistance with organising a sequence of daily tasks. It is designed to be useful for individuals with autism, learning disabilities, cognitive challenges and dementia; and is also effective in early childhood education. This device helps you to organise a sequence of tasks or activities, and to see how much time is left for finishing each activity.

Resetea visually demonstrates a linear sequence of tasks and uses lighting to demonstrate the passing of time through the tasks. You can create any sequence you would like by using the included templates along with your own pictures or symbols. It shows when a task is completed and when the next one starts, via illuminated LED lights which indicate the stage that the sequence is at in every moment. You can also use Resetea as a simple visual clock, by separating it into various increments of time and labeling the increments according to how much time has passed with each.