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Plate Switch

This switch is perfect for individuals who are unable to lift their hand or finger to activate the traditional accessibility switch. It has an ultra-low profile of 2.5-mm thickness and very large activation surface. To use, slide the foot or hand over the

A smooth and soft foam surface makes this switch suitable for head or cheek activation. Easily fastens to a pillow or wheelchair cushion with safety pin and Velcro.


Switch Type: Mechanical
Connection Type: Wired
Cord Length: 5 ft (152 cm)
Activation Type: Pressure
Activation Surface: 3.3-in/8-cm diameter
Activating Force: 6-oz/180-g
Travel Before Activation: 0.1-in/0.2-cm
Feedback: Auditory click, Tactile
Plug Size: 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono
Mounting Plate: Included Velcro and Safety Pin
Product Dimensions: 3.35-in L x 3.35-in W x 0.95-in H (8.6-cm L x 8.6-cm W x 2.5-cm H)