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Little Candy Corn Switch

This proximity sensor switch does not require physical touch to be activated, just wave your hand within 0.5-in/1-cm of it. The activation area is 1.9-in/5-cm, smaller than the BIG Candy Corn Switch

AED 1,085.00

The LITTLE Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch from the user to activate. Simply wave a hand or move your body within 0.5-in/1-cm of Candy Corn and it activates. to activate. Visual and auditory cues occur when the switch is activated.

Candy Corn Switch Features:

Compact size – 1.9-in/5-cm wide activation area
Activates when a user is within 0.5-in/1-cm of the switch top or with a light touch
Includes replaceable CR2032 battery that will last approximately 150,000 activations (replacement batteries available from
Cord Length: 6 ft (183 cm)