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Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

This accessibility switch is completely wireless and allows connection to devices such as tablets, phones or computers through Bluetooth. It offers two switch inputs as well as two external switch jacks for other accessibility switches


Go wireless with your switch access to a tablet, computer, mobile phone, or other devices with a Bluetooth connection. The Blue2 accessibility switch provides a user with two switch inputs and is compatible with most switch scanning software.

Includes ableCARE on-demand support
Built ableSTRONG to endure drops and other environmental conditions
Made from ableSAFE materials and tested by third-party safety labs

Common Uses

Control an iPad or iPhone using the Switch Control accessibility setting
Use with a speech app like Proloquo2go and an iPad to communicate in the classroom, at home, or in the community
Use with a Switch Control recipe to turn pages in an eBook on an iPad or iPhone
Have an aide move the mouse cursor and use Blue2 for left or right mouse-clicking


Pre-programmed for use with almost any switch scanning software
Rock-solid Bluetooth connection
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Two external switch jacks for use with accessibility switches like the Jelly Bean, Big Red, Specs, or BIG Candy Corn