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Speech Case Tablet

Speech Case paired with your Ipad together make a powerfully portable communication solution. It gives users the option to utilize well-known technology alongside a reliable AAC solution. The TD Speech Case turn an iPad or iPad mini 6 into a complete communication device when used with either our symbol-based TD Snap app or our TD Talk text-to-speech app.

Speech Case turns an iPad into a powerfully portable communication device for people with speech and language disabilities. This durable, fitted case has crash corners and a snap-on faceplate to withstand drops, and integrated speakers to project your voice clearly. Grab it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a sturdy built-in stand and handle. Simply add your choice of communication app (sold separately) – TD Snap for symbol-supported communicators or TD Talk for literate adults – to transform your iPad into a true AAC device.

Finger-guiding keyguards are also available to purchase separately.