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QuickTalker FeatherTouch 23

This portable speech device has a FeatherTouch membrane which responds to the lightest touches and smallest fingers. You can change out the message grids to record up to 20 different messages with picture symbols across 5 recording levels. It can be used


The QuickTalker FeatherTouch 23 speech device provides multi-message communication that is highly portable, durable, and easy to use. The FeatherTouch membrane responds to the lightest touches and smallest fingers, and makes it easy for almost anyone to communicate. QuickTalker FeatherTouch 23 includes 103 unique messages available across five recording levels and provides an individual with robust communication options throughout the day.

Includes ableCARE on-demand support
Built ableSTRONG to endure drops and other environmental conditions
Made from ableSAFE materials and tested by third-party safety labs

Common Uses

For the three core messages that are the same on every recording level, record common requests like “I need help”, “I need to use the bathroom”, and “I’m thirsty”
Record messages like “turn the page”, “look”, “I like this”, and “I want to stop” for use when reading a book
Use each recording level to record messages based on the environment like the classroom, lunchroom, playground, bus, and at home


Better than ever digital sound output suitable for almost any environment
Includes three core messages that are the same on every recording level
Includes 20 messages that are different on each recording level


Messages / Recording Levels: 20 + 3 core / 5
Recording Time: 18-min
Switch Input: No
Toy/Appliance/ECU Output: No
Activation Surface: 3 core messages – 2.2 x 1.2-in (8.6 x 6.7-cm); 20 unique messages 1.2 x 1.2-in (3 x 3-cm
Weight with Battery: 26.4-oz / 748-g
Battery Type: 4 AA
Accessories Available: No
Mounting Connection: No, includes carrying handle
HCPC Code: E2502