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ProxTalker is the most advanced and adaptable recorded speech communication device available. It uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to enable independent verbal picture communication for non-verbal people of all ages.

This technology allows you to simply place any photo, symbol, or object on a sound tag card and have a voice! To trigger voice output place your sound tag card on any one of the 5 buttons and push. Now silent picture users have easy access to voice output!

Robust, water-resistant and easy to use
portable in backpack or wheelchair/wall mountable in binder format
light touch option for easier access
tags can be labeled with a wide range of symbols, photos, text, or objects of reference
large tags available to support visual impairment
easy access to vocabulary
Speak All™ tag which enables a sequence of tags to be played automatically
color coded pages for categorization of tags
5 location buttons allow single word or sentence level use.
unique programming with no need for software or pc
easily adjustable volume
inbuilt microphone
Sound tag can store up to 8 seconds of recording
1GB memory, (30,000 sound tags/1,000 minutes)
powered by 4 x C Duracell batteries (minimum of 6 months battery life in use)