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This speech device has a bigger activation surface and allows an individual to communicate a message up-to 2 minutes long. Messages can be recorded quickly and easily to speak things like “I want”, “it’s your turn”, “what did you do this weekend”


Start your communication journey with a BIGmack speech device. With a press of the large colored top, an individual can communicate a single message up to 2-minutes long. New messages are easily and quickly recorded to the BIGmack on the fly throughout the day to provide opportunities to communicate in almost any scenario.

Includes ableCARE on-demand support
Built ableSTRONG to endure drops and other environmental conditions
Made from ableSAFE materials and tested by third-party safety labs

Common Uses

Request like “I want” or “I need help”
Participate in an activity with “turn the page” or “It’s your turn”
Tell your classmates what you did over the weekend during a morning meeting
Add communication to a switch controlled toy or applianceg


Better than ever digital sound output suitable for almost any environment
Includes red, yellow, green, and blue colored tops
Clear snap cover to attach picture symbols and provide communication context to the user
Soft-touch coating makes the device easier to hold