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مبادرة المجتمع لجموعة الساير

ALSAYER Group Community Initiative

تكريم التراث

Honoring Heritage

قد يمثل مرض باركنسون تحديات لبعض الأفراد، ولكن تراثنا وقيمنا الثقافية تبقينا أقوياء وندعم نضالاتهم. باستخدام هذه الأداة العملية، وهي ملاعق إلغاء الرعشة، فإننا نكرم تقاليد رعاية كبار السن لدينا ونشارك قصصهم في النضال ضد هذا المرض

Parkinson’s disease may present challenges to some individuals, but our heritage and cultural values keep us strong and in support of their struggles. With such a practical tool, our tremor canceling spoons, we honor the tradition of caring for our elderly and share their stories of fight against this illness.

قم بملء النموذج أدناه وقدمه لفرصة الحصول على إحدى ملاعق إلغاء الرعشة مجاناً كجزء من مبادرة  المجتمع لجموعة الساير

Fill out the form below and submit it for a chance to receive one of the tremor canceling spoons for free as part of ALSAYER Group Community.

الكميات محدودة. سيتم قبول أول 20 طلبًا معتمدًا

Quantities are limited. The first 20 approved applications will be accepted.


more than a spoon

Using advanced technology, our Parkinson's Spoon will detect and offset hand tremors allowing to eat easily and without spilling.

Retain Dignity with Technology

A perfect fusion of humanistic care and technical innovation. A practical application of cutting-edge technology and advanced medicine.

A simple way to change your life. GYENNO BRAVO Series makes you live with dignity.

Our spoon’s intelligent detection and offsetting of hand tremors helps people avoid the difficulties tremors cause when having meals.

The Benefits


The GYENNO Steady Spoon electronically stabilizes the attached utensil, reducing shakes by 85% compared to your hand. Worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal.

Portable & Lightweight

GYENNO portable tableware consists of two parts: a stabilizing handle and a utensil attachment. It switches on and off automatically, transitioning to sleep mode when not in use—convenient for travel. The GYENNO Tremor Spoon features an ergonomic design that adapts to general hand habits, with a total weight of 130g, making it easy to hold and preventing slipping.

Tremor Data Collection

The Bravo Twist can record users' hand tremor data, which can be consulted with their doctors. The recorded tremor data provides objective information about the severity and patterns of hand tremors. This data can be shared with healthcare professionals, such as neurologists or movement disorder specialists, allowing them to better understand the patient's condition and make informed decisions regarding treatment plans.

FDA US Approved

GYENNO essential tremor aids are made of Tritan and medical-grade silicone, offering antibacterial properties. With the use of these materials, you can rest assured about food safety. Tritan is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729. The Spoon and Fork kit (including a Fork) is included.

The GYENNO Parkinson Spoon, Bravo Twist, is not just a utensil but a lifeline for individuals dealing with conditions like Parkinson's disease. It's a game-changer that restores dignity, independence, and joy during meal times. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable aid for their loved ones facing similar challenges.

Ready to Shake Off Hand Tremors?

Our team is here to help you regain control and confidence in your daily life.