Remarkable Idea ? Create a Colorful Windsock

In this Remarkable Idea, students make a windsock and watch their windsocks blow in the wind!THIS ACTIVITY ADDRESSES:

Following directions

Fine motor skills




Alternative methods of access



White construction paper (11” x 17”)


Yarn, cut into 12” long lengths

Crepe paper in assorted colors, cut into 18” long strips

Electric stapler that can be switch adapted

Fan that can be switch adapted

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator


Several switches



1. Create and place a “directions” picture/symbol on the Step-by-Step using AbleNet’s Symbol Overlay Maker here:

2. Record the Windsock directions script on the Step-by-Step, one direction per step.

3. Record each color name on the SuperTalker Progressive Communicator.

4. Create an overlay for the SuperTalker Progressive Communicator with various color pictures/symbols using AbleNet’s Symbol Overlay Maker here:



1. Show students the sample windsock. Use the switch adapted fan to produce wind, and demonstrate how windsocks blow in the wind.

2. Students use the Step-by-Step to give directions on how to make windsocks.

3. Students follow the directions to create their own windsocks.

4. Use the SuperTalker Progressive Communicator to select crayon colors, and crepe paper colors to use for their streamers.

5. Students use the switch adapted electric stapler to staple the paper roll together and to staple the crepe paper strips on the windsock tube.

6. When all windsocks are finished, students take turns turning on the switch-adapted fan and blowing the windsocks.



“We are going to make windsocks!”

“Windsocks are fun to take outside on a windy day. Windsocks blow in the wind!”

“On your white paper, color a picture of a windy day!”

“Write your name on your picture.”

“When you’re finished, roll your picture into a tube and staple it.”

“Now choose your streamers, and staple several on the bottom of the windsock.”

“Staple a piece of yarn across the top of the windsock as a handle.”

“Now your windsock is ready to hang in the wind!”

“Who wants to turn on the fan and make some wind to blow the windsocks?”