Remarkable Idea ? Developing Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

Remarkable Idea – Developing Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy


In this Remarkable Idea, students will take a look at themselves to realise that despite any disability they might have, they still have abilities that other people do not.



  • Communication
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Alternative methods of access



  1. iPad & Blue2 switch OR Jelly Bean & Hitch
  2. TalkingBrix
  3. Paper
  4. Poster board



  1. Record “I am good at this.” to a TalkingBrix.
  2. Record “I need help with this.” to a TalkingBrix.



Business/Baseball/Character Cards


  • Create cards for each student, in a style of your choosing. These will have the students name, strengths, likes/interests, and a special section for “Things I Sometimes Need Help With.”
  • Take a picture of each student for his or her cards. These pictures should be fun or show a little of the student’s personality.
  • Use the camera app on an iPad/iPod with a Blue2 switch as the shutter button.
  • Use the webcam on a computer with a Hitch set to mouse click and a Jelly Bean switch as the camera shutter.
  • Create lists of strengths, interests, and things students need help with.
  • Over the course of a day, week, or month remind students to think about things they are good at or things they may need help with. Provide TalkingBrix for students to let you know when they realise they need help with something or that they are good at something. Add these to their lists.


Listing Our Strengths

Keep a running list in the classroom of student strengths. Whenever a student adds a strength to their list, you can add it here as well. This will encourage other students that need help with something to go to that student for help instead of a teacher. Staff in the classroom can ask these students for help as well.



Be sure to include yourself in this project. Showing the students that there are things you need help with, too, is a great way to boost their confidence.

These cards can assist new staff or substitute teachers that don’t know your students very well. You may wish to add some things to the “Sometimes I Need Help With” section. (ex. transitioning, expressing my feelings, etc.)