Dr. Jamil Zogheib

As Jamil Zogheib himself philosophically puts it:


My Life changed after I started using Tobii Devices a few years ago. It made it possible, in several ways to return to my old life. Now, I can communicate independently with the outside world and satisfy my curiosity in the search for the secrets of the universe.


Jamil Zogheib describes the thoughts that went through his head, a few years ago after he had been diagnosed with ALS, like this:


"God loves in in his own way"

My first thought was that God cannot be mean and that he will always love me but in his own way. So, I started to look at the capacity and the characteristics that I still had: I had my mind, my heart and my eyes. And with them, I can accomplish a lot. By constantly staying occupied, I feel that I;m being productive and useful, and it makes me forget the parts of my body that do not work.


Jamil Zogheib describes what his life looked like shortly after the diagnosis before he had access to the Tobii equipment:


My entire world was limited to one room, which was the place where I always found myself. I spend my days watching what was happening outside the room and saw the same landscape, the same sun, the same light and the same trees. The worse the weather, the happier I was because it made it impossible to go out anyways.

However, this was no life that Jamil Zogheib intended to live. He has previously heard that there was a technology for people in similar situations as himself. After having actively searched, he by chance saw a TV program where one of Tobii's representatives was showing off a device. After contacting Tobii and obtaining one, he has been using a Tobii communication device.