Eye tracking-enabled virtual reality allows you to collect and record gaze data in fully-controlled immersive environments while seeing the virtual world through someone else’s eyes.


  • Run cost-effective, time-saving shopper studies with VR

    With eye tracking in VR, shopper research studies can be run in fully-controlled virtual environments, without having to bring participants into the store or physically produce materials. Basically, every stage of the consumer journey can be tested in a VR world. Research scenarios and stimuli can b

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  • Treat phobia and anxiety without risky exposure

    One way to treat phobia or PTSD is by exposing a person to the object or situation that they are scared of. However, in a lot of cases, this exposure can be quite dangerous or difficult to recreate in the real world. With VR, it is possible to create any research environment and decide how, when, an

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  • Safely and efficiently train workers in high-risk industries

    In high-risk industries, like mining or aviation, or with a safety-critical job, like being a surgeon or crane operator, professional skills need to be constantly assessed and sharpened to maintain safety and efficiency. However, in the real world, creating these high-pressure scenarios might be dif

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  • Test your products before physical production

    In virtual environments, you can test existing products, as well as products in the development stage, before the actual production, without the need to build the actual expensive and time-consuming prototypes. The visual responses and engagement can be captured with eye tracking and further analyze

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