Eye tracking products

Tobii Pro offers eye tracking solutions and services to help business and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior. Check out our unobtrusive, and highly accurate and precise eye tracking systems listed below. 

  • Tobii Pro VR Integration
    Eye tracking studies in VR The Tobii Pro VR Integration allows researchers to run eye tracking studies in fully-controlled virtual environments, easily repeat research scenarios and switch stimuli, all while keeping track of the participants' gaze. Without compromising the VR experience, this resea
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2
    Capture human behavior anywhere  Tobii Pro Glasses 2 gives researchers deep and objective insights into human behavior by showing exactly what a person is looking at in real time as they move freely in any real-world setting. Understand how people interact with their environment, what catches
  • Tobii Pro X2-30 eye tracker
    Fully-mobile for instant, cost-efficient insights  The Tobii Pro X2-30 snaps into place on your laptop, providing a compact, highly-mobile solution. The system enables you perform cost-efficient studies in a coffee shop, at the mall, or in an office – wherever your subjects are. Get inst
  • Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker
    The smallest eye tracking research system on the market The Tobii X2-60 Eye Tracker is a revolutionary small and versatile 60 Hz eye tracking research system, powered by the latest generation innovative eye tracking technology from Tobii. The modular eye tracker with a single USB cable provide
  • Tobii Pro X3-120
    Fully-mobile, powerful for detailed research The Tobii Pro X3-120 is our latest screen-based eye tracker and has a sampling rate of 120 Hz. It features our latest eye tracking technology advancements. The system provides exceptional flexibility and accommodates a wide array of human behavior studi
  • Tobii Pro Spectrum
    High performance for extensive behavior research The Tobii Pro Spectrum is our latest and most advanced eye tracking platform, designed for extensive studies into human behavior and the mechanics of the fastest eye movements. The system can capture data in high sampling frequency, while still allow