Product Id: CWSymW2
$ 261.63
Quick Overview

SymWriter 2 is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to create documents.

Communicate: SymWriter is an easy-to-use symbol writing program. Symbols appear above the words as you type and ‘smart symbolising’ analyses the text to help select the correct symbols. You can drop in photos and images to illustrate your document, or add them to a word to replace a symbol for more specific meaning.                                                                                          

When typing in text mode, students can see the meaning of the words in the symbol chooser. SymWriter 2's interactive environments use on-screen grids to make writing accessible to users that need additional help. Users can select items from the grids (using a mouse, keyboard, touch screen or switches) to be automatically added to their document, switch to another grid, or


  • XP (service pack 3), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Pentium processor (800MHz min, Pentium 4 or above at 1Ghz min preferred)
  • 256Mb RAM min, preferably 512MB or above and Sound Card
  • 1GB hard disk space.
  • Minimum resolution of 1024x768.
  • Supports widescreen resolutions.