Switch Click USB
Switch Click USB
Product Id: CW100601
$ 181.17
Quick Overview

Pressing the 2.5-in/6.35-cm switch top of the Switch Click USB simulates a left mouse click while maintaining full access to your keyboard and mouse. Features an external switch jack for use of your choice of switch.

A switch and interface in one. Simply plug this 2.5-in/6.4-cm diameter switch into any USB port on your computer and press to simulate a left mouse click, while maintaining full access to your keyboard and mouse.

Switch Click USB features an external switch jack to accommodate the switch of your choice. In addition, simple adjustments allow it to send Left Click, Right Click, Space, Enter, Tab, and Arrow keys: Up, Down, Left and Right. Now you can have full access to two-switch scanning, any way you like. (Requires purchase of a second Switch Click USB).

  • Activation Type Pressure
  • Activation Surface Size No
  • Activation Force No
  • Travel Before Activation No
  • Key Size No
  • Key Size - Metric No
  • Trackball Size No
  • Trackball Size - Metric No
  • Compatability Android, OS X, Windows
  • Connection Type USB
  • Number of Switch Input(s) No
  • Feedback No
  • Keyboard Key Color No
  • Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty