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Quick Overview

Transform any book in your library into a switch-adapted audio book in minutes! Wouldn’t it be great for your students to have access to the books in your classroom to increase skills in reading, science, social studies, or other subjects? Y

The ingenious inclusion tool that turns virtually any book into a “talking book”. Just imagine the look on a child’s face when he or she discovers the thrill of reading independently for the very first time. Now imagine a classroom where students with disabilities can read an entire story to their classmates and even take their turn reading aloud.Image of BookWorm memory module, stickers and page detectors

With the BookWorm literacy tool, students have a new way to connect with classmates, teachers and family members. Stories have new meaning and characters come to life as students join in the literacy experience. The BookWorm is so engaging that practising turn taking skills and working on language comprehension, vocabulary building, fluency and print recognition becomes transparent.

The BookWorm’s eight-minute memory module offers you the flexibility to record as many as 32 pages – enough time for adapting two text-rich books or up to four short books. Adapting a book is easy. Simply attach a removable sticker to each page of your student’s favourite book and record the story, page-by-page into the BookWorm. The stickers serve as a guide indicating where to push for playback.

Key Features

  • Manage audiobooks on the included SD card
  • LCD screen displays all key functions
  • Single switch operation available or direct access on the touchpad
  • Function lock available
  • Power jack available (power supply not included)
  • External headphone jack for quiet reading
  • Magnet-system for recording books longer than 10 page-pairs