Monty 3D Curved M QS
Monty 3D Curved M QS
Product Id: CW1101
$ 1,310.58
Quick Overview

Wheelchair mount with Universal Device Socket (UDS). Fully 3D adjustable joints via ratchet-style handles - ergonomic and quick adjustment without tools.

Two tube solution with enhanced offset tube for devices in front of lap. For attachment on the side of wheelchair. Bolted joints. Ratchet swivel bearing for 3 pre-defined positions: operating, exiting, parking. With backlash-free swivel functions (lever-locked). With double-clamp device holder. Extra-high load capacity through anti-sagging element in the Swivel joint.


Slip-Out Safeguard Kit
Protruding end caps to be tightly screwed into any Monty3D tube ending. Hinders tubes from slipping out when joints have been disengaged. Two pieces per kit, Allen key not included.

Width (B)Length (L)Height (H)Deviceheight (D)Tube 1Tube 2Tube 3WeightLoad Capability
40 cm 23 cm 66 cm 87 cm - 40 cm - 1,53 kg 3,0 kg
15,7" 9" 25,9" 34,2" - 15,7" - 3,37 lbs 6,6 lbs